A philosophy and a promise
What's Dorights' reason to exist?
We have a vision of climate balance. Our mission is to contribute to that vision by enabling and simplifing climate action. We only have a reason to exist if we can provide a simple solution to combat climate change. It should be easy to do right by our planet, family, friends and fellow humans.
If something sounds new, unfamiliar or you need a quick refresh the glossary might provide some insight.
Where does the money go?
Of revenue disposable to Dorights 85 % is directed towards activities which directly reduce emissions. The remaining 15 % is directed towards supporting activities that will indirectly reduce emissions.
Why a company?
Dorights is a company because we believe it promotes a healthy culture where financial sustainability is promoted. Oil companies and other dinosaurs have vast financial resources to lobby and influence the world. To fight climate change similar resources need to be gathered on the opposing side of the fence.

Furthermore, to attract the world's top talent to fight climate change together with us we'd like to offer our employees to co-own Dorights. This is made easier if derivatives of or the share itself can be offered to the employees working at Dorights.
Profit and dividend policy
All profit should be invested in emerging technologies or solutions that will improve sustainability.

Dorights' dividend policy is that no dividend should be paid to shareholders.
Ownership structure
Dorights is owned by Dorights AB (556711-5695) a Swedish registered joint-stock company. Dorights AB is wholly owned by John Diklev. John lives in Stockholm and is a Swedish and British national. You can reach John at john@dorights.com or +46 73 763 33 47. John is M.Sc. Student in Sustainable Power Generation.
Financial relationships
John Diklev is the only investor in Dorights AB. John has received no dividend of any kind or received any salary. John has invested 50000 SEK in equity and 200000 SEK in debt in Dorights AB.