Additionality: To achieve climate compensation it has to be a project that otherwise wouldn't have happened without you.

Baseline: From what starting point do we compare our emissions with.

Climate action: To prevent climate change in order to achieve climate balance.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS): Systems that capture CO2 from the atmosphere and then store it in a carbon sink.

Carbon leakage: When emissions are taxed in one place which causes manufacturing to move to another place where it will still emit and might even increase its emissions.

Compund interest: Coined the 8th wonder of the world by Einstein. It is the exponential effect caused by percentage gains over time.

Derivative: A derivative is an agreement between two or more parties which value is determined by an underlying asset, in our case our share.

Debt investment: A capital investment where the financial return is pre-determined.

Disposable revenue: Revenue that remains after taxes and transaction fees.

Dividend: A financial return that can be paid by companies to its shareholders.

Emerging technologies: A young and new technology, something that brings the world additional capabilities.

Emission allowances (EUAs): A EU policy tool to reduce emissions from industries. A corporation have to submit one EUA for each tonne of CO2-e they emit.

Equity investment: Invested capital that have an uncertain financial return and is usually the last one to get paid if the company files for bankruptcy.

Joint-stock company: The ownership of the company are split up in a number of shares which are then owned by a legal entity.

Negative emissions: To reduce emissions from the baseline.

Profit: Accumulated assets from supporting activities that can be used to expand Dorights presence.

Reason to exist: Raison d'être - Institutions and organizations shouldn't exist for their own ends, they need a reason to be around.

Supporting activities: Includes any activity connected with running and developing an organisation, from compliance to salaries.

Sustainability: The broad sense of the word. We have a focus on UN's Sustainable Development Goals 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. These goals have be chosen as it is where our expertise lies. It is in no way a critique towards any other goal. Read more about UN's Sustainable Development Goals here.