We're sorry that this might get a bit technical...
Where does the money go?
We believe environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with other social responsibilities. Our goals and openness are not only towards our subscribers but also to society as a whole. In no way do we seek tax havens or engage in any other colluded activities. Any income from private individuals to Dorights will trigger a Swedish VAT which amounts to 20 % of the total income. After this it becomes a lot of "if" scenarios, but we'll try to keep it as clear as possible. The VAT will typically be lower as VAT can be set off by paid VAT.
VAT: 20 %
So, why does it become complex? Well, one of Dorights core belief is that any value or revenue generated from our projects should be returned to offsetting emissions. Other similar services give the money to a project and the lose control over it. We know we can do better. We will maintain interest and control of all our projects where we can do so. The aim is to achieve compound interest to maximise any efforts. To do this, we must maintain ownership and depending on how much remains as assets in our balance sheet a corporate tax of 21.4 % will be triggered. If we assume all projects will remain to 100 % a corporate tax of 12 % of revenue will be paid yearly. This will typically be lower but could be as high as 12 %.
Corporate tax: 12 %
By assuming the above figures for VAT and corporate tax the remaining will be split up as 58 % towards activities that will directly offset emissions and 10 % towards supporting activities.