Climate anxiety.
Tricks to make it better
Tips and trick
1. You are not alone

There are a lot of people who are feeling anxious about climate change, unfortunaly, and it's a growing number. It is important to understand that these feeling are not something that only you feel or that you have caused them in any way. They are a programmed response in our brain to threats, and climate change is a very real threat.

2. Talk about it

Talk about it with family and friends, there's a big probability that some of them do feel the same way. Otherwise, you can reach out to the plethora of social media fora and find people who are going thorugh the same challenges.

3. Take action

When you feel a threat it is natural to act. By doing something you might feel relief. It is also a good feeling to know that you do good. We, of course, promote Dorights and believe our way is the most efficient way to combat climate change. Join us and find out.

4. Seek help

If you have a severe anxiety - seek professional help near you. Deeply rooted anxiety should be treated by professionals.
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