About Dorights

Dorights was founded in 2019 by an engineering student John Diklev at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. From his studies John realised the need for negative emissions to tackle climate change. However, it is difficult for private individuals to achieve negative emissions as most efforts aim at simply reducing emissions from polluting activities. So that's why Dorights exists, to enable private individuals to easily achieve negative emissions.

Dorights' ambition and vision is strongly linked to UN's Sustainable Development Goal 13 - Climate Action. We now know enough about climate change; we have to do something about it. Often, that is easier said than done. With Dorights we want to change that and make it as easy as possible to take action against climate change for ourselves, future generations and nature.

If you also feel that the time for action has come Dorights is right for you. No one can stop climate change alone. We need politicians, corporations and most importantly you to drive and create change. Politicians and corporations tend to mirror the desires and actions of the people. Follow your desire, take action and subscribe.