How it Works


What is Dorights?

In the face of climate change it's easy to feel powerless.
It is hard to know what you can do that actually matter.

Dorights is a service that let's you take power over climate change.
Dorights is a climate effort that actually matters.

Dorights is a subscription service that every month mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and works hard to improve mitigation over time.

How does Dorights work?
A cornerstone of EU’s climate change policy is a market-based approach called the Emissions Trading System (ETS). To motivate polluters to reduce their emission EU sets a cap on the maximum level of emission and then creates allowances for each unit of emissions allowed under that cap.

For every tonne of carbon dioxide emitted by a polluter in the EU, an allowance must be submitted.

Anyone can buy these allowances and Dorights does.

By purchasing allowances without using them for any emissions Dorights reduces the legal amount that can be emitted. By purchasing allowances Dorights reduces the available supply of allowances to polluters. With a smaller supply the price of allowances ought to increase further and faster. When the price of emissin increase it will also make companies change faster and invest more to reduce their footprint.


As the emission allowances are traded on an exchange we can sell them back into the system. Why would we do that? Well, with the funds received from selling the allowances we can invest in other projects with greater impact. This is a critical component of Dorights - we are always looking to extend our joint impact. Dorights looks for these type of projects actively and with dedication. An example of such a project is carbon capture and storage systems - which puts carbon back into the ground. Such projects have poor financial incentives, but Dorights can do them as our primary goal is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - not financial returns.

We can’t do it alone. Together with you we use our resources in the most efficient way to create an impact for a better future.

Take back power. Take action.

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